Extensions Alterations

As of May 2008, all extensions and alterations of existing homes, which require a building permit, will need to meet 5 Star standards. Blue Lotus provides energy assessments for extensions and alterations in a number of ways:

  • Alterations that represent more than 50% of the original building volume (including any alterations carried out in the previous 3 years) require the existing building to be brought up to the same standards as the new construction.
  • Alterations that represent less than 25% of the floor area of the existing building or 1,000m2 (whichever is lesser) must fully comply with the new standard. However, the rest of the existing building does not.
  • There are certain circumstances (Building Regulation 608, BCA) where the relevant building surveyor can allow partial compliance.

Blue Lotus can advise you of what process will be required, so feel free to contact us.